Our Service

Experienced engineers with doctoral degrees in engineering from AMPLET Communication Laboratory are available for consulting on your wireless communications business.

Examples of our Consulting Services

* Technical consulting for Wireless Communications

* Advice on high-frequency circuit design and experimentation

* Antenna design, simulation and prototyping

* Human body communication equipment design and prototyping

* Design review of high-frequency circuits and antennas

* Brainstorming, participation in new business meetings

* Lecturer at employee training, seminars and lectures

* Accompanying customer visits

* Etc.

Please consider AMPLET Communication Laborator as your company's exclusive laboratory.

Laboratory History

September, 1987 : Established AMPLET, Inc. in Taito-ku, Tokyo

1987 : Developing Wireless Equipment, Millimeter-wave Radar, Laser Radar,

and Ultrasonic Nondestructive Inspection Equipment

1988 : Developing Cordless Phones, Land Mobile Radios, Hand-held Radios, and Pagers

1992 : Developing Cellular Phones for Korea and for U.S.A.

1995 : Developing Meteorological Satellite Receiving System (UFC-1)

1998 : Developing RFID ICs and Antennas

1998 : Joint Research (Development) of 94 GHz Millimeter-wave Radar

with Electronic Navigation Research Institute (ENRI)

2002 : Start to lectures at Tokyo Denki University

2003 : Agreement with Toppan Printing for Licensing RFID Technology

2005 : Starting Technical Consulting for Wireless Communication

2010 : Developing Human Body Communication (IEEE 802.15.6) Equipment and Electrodes

2011 : MoU concluded for Joint Research on Human Body Communication

with Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI)

2015 : Contract of Wireless Engineering Education with Chungnam National University (CNU)

February 2017 : Established AMPLET Communication Laboratory in Taito-ku, Tokyo

2017 : Established the Human Body Communication Consortium (HBCC)

2018 : Established the Connection Vihecle to Human and Home (V2HH) Studying Group

2022 : Opened "AMPLET Isumi Branch Laboratory" (Isumi-city, Chiba-pref.)

2022 : Licensed "AMPLET's Experience Station (8J1YAQ) in Amateur Radio"

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