Company Profile

[Laboratory Information]

* Laboratory Name : AMPLET Communication Laboratory

* Location : 4-2, Taito 3-chome, Taito-ku,

Tokyo 110-0016, Japan

* TEL : +81-3-5688-0493 (From Overseas)

[Date of Establish]

* AMPLET, Inc. : September 9, 1987

* AMPLET Communication Laboratory : February 19, 2017

* AMPLET Isumi Laboratory : February 19, 2022

[Why is the company name "AMPLET" ?]

The Basic Module of Electronics Circuit is "Amplifier". We planed to sell it at economical price at our "Outlet". This is the reason why we decided the name of our company "AMPLET" from "Amplifier Outlet".

[Our Service]

* Technical Consulting on Wireless Communications

* RF Circuit Design, Antenna Design, and Prototype

* Education for Employee

[Board Members]

* President : Dr. NEBIYA Hideyuki

* Vice President : Dr. TSUKAMOTO Nobuo

* Auditor : MIURA Nobuyuki, C.P.A.

[Management Policy]

Since the AMPLET's establishment, we have not received any capital from other companies, and continues to operate debt-free with our own funds.

[Amateur Radio Club]

* AMPLET Ham Club JH1YTU --> [Website] [QRZ.COM

* AMPLET Experience Station 8J1YAQ --> [Website] [QRZ.COM

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