Message from President

Wireless communication continues to be a fundamental platform for communication. In September 1987, Persons, who were interested in Wireless Communication Technology, gathered together to establish an engineering company "AMPLET, Inc." in Akihabara, and started to design Wireless Communication Equipment and Antennas.

The Basic Module of Electronics Circuit is "Amplifier". We planed to sell it at economical price at our "Outlet". This is the reason why we decided the name of our company "AMPLET" from "Amplifier Outlet".

In the 2000s, the need for Wireless Communication Devices increased, but Electronic Circuits Design work slowly began to decline, because Semiconductor Manufacturers began selling Large-scale Integration (LSI) Circuits that specialized in Wireless Communications.

In February 2017, AMPLET, Inc. established a subsidiary company "AMPLET Communications Laboratory" for Antenna Design, consulting for Wireless Communications Technology, and dispatching lecturers for employee training.

We have been managing our own equity without any capital introduction from other companies since 1987. As Wireless Communication Technology has many possibilities, we are working on New Technologies in a free environment.

AMPLET Communications Laboratory aims to be a specialized company with Research and Development-oriented Wireless Communication Technology consulting business as its main pillar. We are happy to contribute to the development of the Wireless Communication Industry by responding to the needs of our customers.

Dr. NEBIYA Hideyuki, President (Founder)

AMPLET Communications Laboratory

Inventor of the Spiral Ring Antenna

 I invented the Spiral Ring Antenna, and received Doctorate Degree in Electronics Engineering.

 The Spiral Ring Antenna which is a small antenna having a toroidal coil shape consisting of a fixed length wire is proposed. The antenna has a size of 1/15 ~ 1/5 wavelength, and this antenna has a relatively high gain (+2.0dBi at 1/10 wavelength), and can easily be matched to a coaxial line without Balun.


1986 : Engineer award for the First Prize

(Hitachi Shonan Denshi)

2000 : Encouragement Student Award (Nihon University)

2001 : Excellent Student Award (Nihon University)

2003 : Entrepreneur of the Year (EOY Japan)

2003 : Best Engineer of Ubiquitous Network Technology Award

(EC Kenkyu-kai)

2010 : The 23rd Fukuda Award (ME Kai, Tokyo Denki University)

2010 : Guest Speaker at the 50 years Anniversary Party of Science University of Tokyo

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